Benefits of running Anka on AWS EC2 Mac Instances
Recently, the AWS Compute Blog wrote an excellent introduction to “Getting Started with Anka on EC2 Mac Instances“. In the blog, they covered allocating an EC2 Mac Dedicated Host; launching a mac1.metal instance on it; installing and configured...
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Monitoring your Anka Build Cloud with Prometheus
Prometheus is a powerful monitoring and alerting toolkit. You can use it to store Anka Controller, Registry, and VM metrics to build out or integrating into existing graphing tools like Grafana. While exactly how you should install Prometheus and Grafana...
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Anka running Apple Metal v1
Build and test Metal Xcode projects with Anka
In this blog, we’d like to show you how to build and test Metal Xcode projects with Anka. Modern iOS and macOS applications use Apple Metal APIs to access GPU for graphics or intensive calculations. Starting in Anka version 2.3.2, Anka VMs support...
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Anka Develop: A Free License for Developers + Big Sur VM Support
We are excited to announce the Beta version of our next Anka release, including a Free License for developers named Anka Develop, better security with driver-less addons, anka create support for Big Sur, and a new command for transferring files and folders...
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Comparing Anka and Orka
In this blog, we will do our best at comparing Anka and Orka, expediting your team’s decision-making process. This blog’s information is likely to change over time as both Anka and Orka evolve. Versions and other details will become out...
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Anka GitLab Runner v1.0.0
Veertu Inc is excited to announce the Anka GitLab Runner v1.0.0, now available on our Anka GitLab Runner GitHub Releases page and inside of DockerHub. It has been several months since we released the beta Anka GitLab Runner 0.6 back in December of 2019....
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Achieving High Availability with Kubernetes
High Availability of your Build Cloud can be achieved in multiple ways. As the popularity and maturity of Kubernetes grows, we’ve also received an increase of questions from customers on using it to deploy the Build Cloud Controller & Registry....
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Using Anka Build to run your Android project's CI/CD
Since Anka 2.5.0, Android emulators are now supported inside of the VM and this guide is no longer accurate or necessary. You can find our documentation here. Using Anka Build to run your Android project’s CI/CD builds and tests is a relatively...
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Upgrading to Big Sur Beta in your Anka Build VM
We are excited to share a patch for our Anka Build Virtualization (v2.2.3) software that supports upgrading to Big Sur Beta in your Anka Build VM. Upgrading to Big Sur Beta is relatively easy and can be done using the standard beta installation process...
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Anka Build Getting Started with Jenkins
We’re excited to announce our Anka Build Getting Started with Jenkins script which is now available in the Anka Build Getting Started repository. If you’re already familiar with our Announcing the Anka Build Getting Started Repository blog...
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