Solving complex problems with innovative technology

Veertu’s journey started with Veertu Desktop, built to enable a native virtualization approach for running Windows and Linux VMs on Intel chip-based mac, using Apple’s hypervisor framework. Veertu Desktop hypervisor was open-sourced in September 2016.

We then took our experiences with the Hypervisor. Framework and started on a journey to develop technology that would solve DevOps infrastructure challenges for iOS/macOS CI/CD. In the last five years, we have built software-based solutions to make iOS CI infrastructure more agile, scalable, and secure. Our Anka software suite provides container-like flexibility and ease for CI/CD on mac hardware for both Intel and M1 chips. Most recently, as our users have started migrating their iOS CI workloads to AWS EC2 Mac, we have been working with the AWS teams to provide an Anka solution on top of EC2 Mac instances.

Our Scan product suite is the world’s only technology to secure iOS CI workloads against security vulnerabilities.

We are extremely grateful for our user’s trust in us, but Veertu’s journey doesn’t stop here. We’ll stay committed to solving complex problems with innovative technology. Join us in our Slack channel to discuss with our team and others in this community.

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