macOS cloud for iOS CI and Devops

macOS VM orchestrator on EC2 Mac, Hosted, and On-Premise

Anka is a complete iOS DevOps orchestrator solution

Built on top of the official macOS Hypervisor.framework for unrivaled performance, Anka software allows you to orchestrate ephemeral macOS VMs for CI/CD on any Apple hardware. Create Anka macOS VMs using Infrastructure as Code tools, push or pull VM tags with your specific dependencies and state using the Anka Registry, and run on-demand Anka macOS VMs on EC2 Mac, On-prem or hosted. Automatically request VMs for your CI/CD jobs using one of the existing plugins, or even develop your own using our REST APIs

Personal CI

Anka Develop
  • Developers can run builds and tests (iOS, etc) inside of macOS VMs running directly on their laptops
  • Empowers non-mobile engineers to quickly get set up with a mobile development environment
  • Example workflows available for working with GitHub Actions and other CI/CD platforms
  • Eliminates dedicated build hardware costs for small teams

Central CI

Anka Build
  • DevOps can configure a private macOS cloud on premesis or on a hosted mac hardware cluster
  • Fully automate macOS VM creation, version management and on-demand provisioning
  • Registry to manage VM versions, allowing quick switching between VM tags for your different CI jobs
  • Integration with Jenkins, Teamcity, BuildKite, GitLab CI, Github Actions, and more

iOS CI on EC2 Mac

Anka Build EC2 Mac
  • Create ephemeral macOS VMs on EC2 mac instance cluster directly from your CI system
  • Double your iOS CI capacity by running multiple VMs on each EC2 mac instance
  • Instantly start and execute CI jobs inside macOS VMs with no time spent on terminate and start of EC2 mac instance

Developer Productivity

Anka Flow
  • Developers can run builds and tests (iOS, etc) inside of macOS VMs running directly on their laptops and have access to using the Anka Build Cloud Registry for VM storage
  • Developer friendly 'anka run' interface to work with the VMs
  • Attach real devices to macOS VMs for testing
  • Work with beta versions of Xcode and other dependencies inside isolated macOS VM

Used by leading app publishers, mobile game developers, enterprises and independent software vendors

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