World's first Security Vulnerability scanner for EC2 Mac AMIs
We are excited to announce the General Availability of the world’s first security vulnerability scanner for EC2 Mac AMIs. EC2 Mac AMI Scan scans Intel and Apple Silicon macOS EC2 AMIs, detects security vulnerabilities in third-party packages, dependencies,...
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It's time to migrate your iOS CI from ESXi Virtual Mac Infrastructure to native macOS Virtualization
When VMWare ESXi started officially supporting Apple macOS Virtualization on Mac hardware in late 2012, it opened the doors for the possibility of iOS development to move to a Linux-like, agile, scalable CI infrastructure. Soon enough, many iOS enterprise...
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Security vulnerability scanning with Anka Scan
We are excited to announce the general availability (GA) of Anka Scan v1.0.0. As development teams increasingly adopt Infrastructure-as-code for development and production, the incident with Log4J in December 2021 highlighted the importance of security...
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Hourly priced Anka AWS Marketplace AMIs for running type 2 macOS virtualization on AWS EC2 Macs
We are announcing the availability of Anka software with hourly usage pricing for AWS EC2 Mac deployments to align with currently available ec2-mac instance usage models. Why do users need to run Anka on top of ec2-mac instances?  AWS ec2-mac instance...
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macOS Vm on M1
Announcing M1 (ARM) macOS type 2 virtualization with Anka v3.0.0
We at Veertu are excited to announce that Anka 3 for M1 macOS type 2 virtualization is now out of beta and is GA. Anka 3 for M1 is a type 2 virtualization solution that uses the new Apple Virtualization Framework released in macOS Monterey to create and...
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Anka Image Security Vulnerability Scanner for iOS Development - Beta Release
As a follow-up to my previous blog on Anka Image Security Scanner, today, we are announcing the Beta availability of the Anka Image Scanner solution for iOS development. The Beta version of Anka Image Scanner is available as a docker container. Visit...
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Vulnerability Scanner for iOS Build and Test Anka macOS VM images
Up until a few years ago, the focus of software security was securing the perimeter. However, with the wide adoption of containers and service-based architecture for software applications and services, the responsibility of security is falling on developers....
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Create macOS VMs for iOS CI using Apple M1 hardware
Anka 3.0 (beta) now available for Apple’s M1 hardware We are excited to announce our Anka 3.0 beta version allowing you to create macOS VMs for iOS CI using Apple M1 hardware. This version allows you to leverage the significant performance improvements...
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Single-use macOS VMs for iOS CI with Anka, AWS EC2 Mac, and Github Actions or Buildkite
In this blog, we’re going to walk you through how you can automate the creation of single-use macOS VMs for iOS CI with AWS EC2 Mac and Github Actions or Buildkite. Here at Veertu we have a long history with Buildkite and love YAML configured build,...
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On-demand macOS VMs in Azure DevOps Pipelines with Anka Build
In this blog post, we’re going to show you how to set up and utilize on-demand macOS VMs for iOS building and testing inside of Azure DevOps Pipelines using Veertu’s Anka Build solution. Microsoft has a vast library of services under Azure...
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