Anka Build Getting Started with TeamCity

We’re excited to announce a new Anka Build Getting Started with TeamCity script which is now available in our Anka Build Getting Started repository. If you’re already familiar with our Announcing the Anka Build Getting Started Repository blog post, you’ll know that we aim to provide scripts to help set up and run Anka Build […]

Announcing the Anka Build Getting Started Repository

Developer Relations at Veertu Inc is proud to announce the launch of our Anka Build Getting Started repository in Github. This repo contains various examples and scripts that automate the installation and configuration of Veertu’s Anka Build Software on your local macOS machine. This is a great way to set up a test environment and […]

Performance testing with new Anka release and 2018 minis

Anka macOS virtualization is now at version 2.1.2 with support for Catalina. Since our earlier releases starting from 1.x.x, we have been quietly making changes to improve the performance of iOS and macOS build and test jobs inside Anka VMs. Some of these changes are significant items shared in the release notes, and at other […]

Mac pro, mac mini or new mac mini for iOS CI?

With the rapid growth in the iOS apps market, iOS development teams are moving their build and test setup from under their desks to managed, multi-machine environments. With the increase in team size, app count and complexity also comes business requirements to make building and to test the apps more consistent, predictable, and efficient. iOS […]

How to create your own real device cloud for iOS CI with Anka Build

Anka Build enables you to configure your private macOS cloud. You can create and run macOS VMs on-demand for iOS CI and manage it as infrastructure-as-a-code. Additionally, with Anka Build Enterprise Tier, you can also configure a real device cloud to augment your simulator based CI testing. Anka Build enables you to work with real […]

Privileged user access macOS environments – locally delivered and centrally managed

A large number of organizations every year suffer breach into their internal data or their customer’s data due to employee access. While employee access to sensitive data can’t be entirely blocked out, it’s possible to manage it as privileged access. There are a lot of solutions available to provide employees secondary windows privileged access work […]

Anka version 2.0

Anka version major release is now out and available for download. We are very excited to announce the availability of Enterprise and Enterprise Plus tiers of Anka, along with several other exciting improvements and features. Here is a shortlist of some of the new features and improvements. For a complete list, visit the release notes […]

T2 in new Mac hardware and its impact on virtualizing and running macOS – Role of SMC

In the last few weeks, we have received a lot of inbound questions on the existence of T2 chip in new Apple Mac hardware models and how it impacts the ability to run macOS VMs. In this blog series, we will try to share our knowledge and insights on this topic. The focus of this […]

Cloud-based continuous integration for macOS with Concourse and Anka

Pix4D creates professional photogrammetry software for drone mapping. The people who use our products include surveyors, farmers, and researchers, and they use the software on a range of platforms including desktop, mobile, and cloud. Pix4D’s continuous integration (CI) team is based in the headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, where we design and maintain the systems used by […]

iOS 12 USB pairing with Anka VM for iOS CI

In iOS 12 the lockdown procedure (mutual authentication of USB host and iOS device on each other) was modified. This lockdown procedure affects the workflow of attaching iOS devices to Anka VMs with USB pass-through for iOS CI real device testing using Anka Build or Anka Flow. We have fixed this issue in Anka version […]