Real-time, continuous scan of file downloads on macOS for security vulnerabilities

Today, we are announcing the Beta availability of the Mac Scan solution. Mac Scan software runs on macOS systems (bare metal, virtual, EC2 Mac) and scans downloads in real time for security vulnerabilities.

There are multiple scenarios why you would want to scan downloads in real-time for security vulnerabilities.

Build and Test iOS and macOS CI jobs – Most CI jobs download third-party libraries, dependencies, or packages from the internet during job execution. Configure Mac Scan to run in background mode on macOS build and test CI machines and detect security vulnerabilities in downloads in real time. Mac Scan consumes minimal system resources and doesn’t impact the CI job execution.

Developer Mac machines – Developers download and install various third-party packages and frameworks from the internet on their development mac machines. Some of these libraries can also end up as part of their codebase. Mac Scan can continuously monitor these downloads and detect security vulnerabilities.

Mac Scan operates in two modes – FullScan and Background Watch

FullScan Mode – In full scan mode, Mac Scan scans the entire macOS filesystem and identifies all third-party packages and security vulnerabilities.

Background Watch Mode – In the background watch mode, Mac Scan runs as a background process, continuously scanning downloads on the macOS filesystem in real-time for security vulnerabilities without interfering with system operations.

Developer-Friendly Programmable Interface

Mac Scan supports both CLI and REST API interfaces.

How is Mac Scan different from other scanners?

None of the existing security scanner tools scans downloads on macOS in real-time. Tools like Snyk do a static scan of the code base and identify security vulnerabilities in libraries and packages referenced in the codebase. These tools don’t monitor downloads in real-time for security vulnerabilities. 

Mac Scan is an AntiVirus tool for security vulnerability detection in macOS development environments.

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