Anka GitLab Runner v1.0.0

Veertu Inc is excited to announce the Anka GitLab Runner v1.0.0, now available on our Anka GitLab Runner GitHub Releases page and inside of DockerHub.


It has been several months since we released the beta Anka GitLab Runner 0.6 back in December of 2019. We want to give a big thank you to all of our customers using the beta version! The beta release has worked great for the majority of our customers and provided us with a lot of helpful feedback and bug fixes. Taking internal testing and beta feedback into account for developing the next version, we believe that we’re ready to move out of beta and into a major version release.

You can expect the following features and changes in v1.0.0:

  • Upgraded base to 13.2-stable
  • Handling canceled jobs properly now, preventing orphaned VMs
  • Handling terminated or errored VM statuses with proper errors
  • Users can override the runner’s default template and tag by specifying variables:
  • Better handling when the controller crashes or API returns bad data + exponential backoff sleep for retries
  • Added the ability to SkipTLSVerification to controller calls
  • It can now run independently of other gitlab-runners on the host:
    config.toml -> anka-config.tml
  • Added --preparation-retries and defaulted it to 0
  • A better registration experience
  • Added Controller certificate support

Additionally, we’ve released our Anka Build Getting Started scripts for GitLab. These scripts allow you to quickly spin up GitLab and also the Anka GitLab Runner v1.0.0 within docker containers and immediately start testing on your local machine.

Documentation on using the Anka GitLab Runner.

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