Anka version 2.0

Anka version major release is now out and available for download. We are very excited to announce the availability of Enterprise and Enterprise Plus tiers of Anka, along with several other exciting improvements and features.

Here is a shortlist of some of the new features and improvements. For a complete list, visit the release notes and product documentation.

  • Up to fifteen percent improvement in performance inside Anka VMs – Significantly closes the performance gap between Anka VMs running on 2018 mac mini and running on native hardware.
  • Support for Catalina Beta 3 VMs – Create and test with Catalina beta macOS VMs.
  • Native Mac App package to for controller/registry – Install and run Controller and Registry on Mac.
  • Unified single Anka package – Deploy the same package for Build or Flow and activate features with the license key.
  • New Queue management module in the Controller – Provides more flexibility for future improvements and scales well.
  • Support for single user Controller Portal authentication – Admins user access to the Controller Portal.
  • Support for multi-user access control and management through OAUTH based SSO integration – Multi-user access to the Portal.
  • Secure, policy managed, and encrypted VMs – Configure Security policies and encryption on the Build VMs.
  • Management of testing on real devices attached to the VMs through the cOntroller REST APIs – Enables creation of a local device cloud.
  • Certificate-based authentication between Plugins, Controller, Registry, and Nodes – Enables a secure setup.

To make it extremely easy for users to deploy Anka Build, we now have a Mac Application package to install Controller and registry services on Mac hardware.

If you are new to Anka, visit the products page and register for the Anka Build trial.


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