The Dev-Sec-Ops Platform To Transform iOS & macOS CI

Provision ephemeral macOS VMs for iOS CI/CD on-premises, in managed hosting, or on AWS EC2 Macs. Proactively detect known CVEs in your CI/CD environments.

Dev & Sec OPS for macOS

MacOS cloud for ephemeral environments for iOS CI/CD
Container-ops workflow to integrate and manage iOS CI macOS VMs
CVE scanning for packages on bare-metal Mac, macOS VM, and EC2 Mac AMI and instances.

Build fully automated, scalable, and virtualized Intel and Apple Silicon macOS environments for iOS CI/CD. Set up Anka on your on-premise, hosted, and AWS EC2 Macs.

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Set up continuous software security assurance for iOS CI/CD. CVE scanner runs against the Anka Registry and finds insecure third-party packages and dependencies in macOS VM build templates.

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Scan your package downloads, dependencies, libraries, and changes in real time for known CVEs. Integrates easily into existing iOS CI build and test job pipelines.

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The world’s first CVE scanner for AWS EC2 Macs. Run continuous CVE Scans of third-party packages and dependencies inside your AWS EC2 Mac AMIs without starting instances.

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Used by leading app publishers, mobile game developers, enterprises and independent software vendors

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