Veertu Anka GA Announcement

Today, we are pleased to announce the General Availability of Veertu Anka Build and Anka Flow(formerly Anka Run) r1.0.0.61. Release is an update to Anka Beta r1.0.0.47 which includes all features delivered in previous beta versions, as well as updated features and fixes.

We are extremely grateful to our beta user community who helped us evolve Anka Build and Anka Flow products. GA Release includes a majority of beta user feedback and we will continue to review the feedback for future product roadmap.

Anka Build and Anka Flow fill a very critical gap in the macOS and iOS development process. With Anka Build, Devops can transform a cluster of Mac hardware to a macOS build and test, self-service, private cloud. This can be further integrated with existing CI system for iOS and macOS CI process.

Anka Flow, is a container like set of tools to setup local build and test macOS environment for iOS development. Both Anka Build and Anka Flow are built on top of Anka native macOS virtualization technology, which runs macOS VMs on top of macOS hardware.

Getting Started with Anka

Users can start with a 30 day trial of Anka products. Trial includes all the components to setup a self-service macOS private cloud for iOS/macOS CI as well as local developer environments. There are no restrictions on the number of build and test macOS machines or developer machines for the trial. Trial license will be generated for the machine count provided at the time of registration.

How to upgrade from Beta Version

In order to continue testing of Anka, beta users can register for a 30 day trial. After obtaining the trial license, install Release v1.0.0.61, activate it, upgrade other components and continue with the testing.

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