Announcing Anka Build version 1.4.3 – Supports Docker inside Anka VMs

Anka Build and Anka Flow version 1.4.3 is now available for all users. Some key new features in version 1.4.3 of Anka include support to run Docker and other hypervisors inside Anka VMs, create groups/clusters in Anka Build macOS cloud, priority based provisioning and core-based licensing. For more details see the version 1.4.3 release notes here.

Run hypervisors inside Anka VMs

Starting version 1.4.3, you can run Docker and other hypervisors like Anka, Android Emulator inside an Anka VM. See documentation to enable this feature on existing or newly created Anka VMs.

2020 Update: We’re currently in version 2.X of Anka since we wrote this. Android Emulator has been shown to be extremely slow inside of the Anka VM, or not work at all. We recommend running the emulator out on the host instead to utilize GPU until Big Sur/hypervisor-metal support is finalized. Here is our guide:

Anka VM running Android Emulator and VirtualBox hypervisors

Create groups/clusters to run VMs on specific Anka Build nodes(Host machines)

When your Anka Build host machines are a mix of different types, you can create groups of similar machine types and provision specific Anka VMs to execute certain iOS CI jobs on specific groups.

Also, use groups/clusters feature to assign pre-determined capacity to different groups using the Anka Build iOS CI infrastructure.  Grouping and Priority based provisioning features are available in Anka Build Enterprise Tier.


Creating Groups

Core Based Licensing

Going forward, Anka Build licensing will be generated for total cores in Anka Build Cloud instead of total machines and machine types. This will make it easier to add/remove and manage license key across multiple machines.

Machine/Host-based licensing will be supported until the expiration of subscription to maintain compatibility with existing user setup. Sign up at to try Anka for iOS and macOS CI.


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