Anka Image Security Vulnerability Scanner for iOS Development – Beta Release

As a follow-up to my previous blog on Anka Image Security Scanner, today, we are announcing the Beta availability of the Anka Image Scanner solution for iOS development.

The Beta version of Anka Image Scanner is available as a docker container. Visit to get details on how to download it and get started. You can also check out a brief demo video at

Anka Image scanner works against Anka VM images in the Anka registry. So, it needs access to the storage volume of the Anka registry. Anka Image scanner scans all packages and applications inside VM images from the Anka Registry for security vulnerabilities against the NVD Database.

The Beta version of Anka Image Scanner is valid until January 31, 2022. Give it a try, share your feedback through slack or email at [email protected], and help us bring it to a GA release.

Let me share a teaser of the next iteration of the scanner –  We understand that not all iOS development teams are running thor iOS build and test on Anka macOS VMs. For groups that are currently running or are planning to run their iOS build and test on AWS EC2 Mac Instances, we will have a security scanner to scan AWS EC2 Mac AMIs for vulnerabilities. Stay tuned, and we will share more details on this within the next few weeks.

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