Anka Build Getting Started with TeamCity

We’re excited to announce a new Anka Build Getting Started with TeamCity script which is now available in our Anka Build Getting Started repository. If you’re already familiar with our Announcing the Anka Build Getting Started Repository blog post, you’ll know that we aim to provide scripts to help set up and run Anka Build software. This repo is excellent for installing the Anka Virtualization CLI, the Anka Cloud Controller & Registry, and generating VM Templates and Tags. However, they are only the foundational pieces.

As promised in our first blog, we want to provide scripts for running not only the Anka Build software, but even CI/CD platforms, all within the same machine.

Within the getting started repository, we included what you need to:

  • Setup a TeamCity docker container which includes the necessary plugins and an example pipeline using ./TEAMCITY/install-teamcity-server-on-docker.bash
  • Generate your first VM Template and the necessary Jenkins Tag using: ./ANKA_BUILD_CLOUD/create-template.bash && /ANKA_BUILD_CLOUD/create-tags.bash 10.15.5 –jenkins (if necessary, be sure to change 10.15.5 to the version you chose).

Once set up, you’ll be able to navigate to the TeamCity URL we create for you (https://anka.teamcity:8094), login, and then view or run the example pipeline. If you’ve already used the Anka scripts to create the necessary VM Templates, the example pipeline will start a VM locally and execute the build commands inside.


If you’re curious, go over and check out the Anka Build Getting Started with TeamCity script at

Our existing getting started documentation can be found at

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