macOS Vm on M1

Announcing M1 (ARM) macOS type 2 virtualization with Anka v3.0.0

We at Veertu are excited to announce that Anka 3 for M1 macOS type 2 virtualization is now out of beta and is GA. Anka 3 for M1 is a type 2 virtualization solution that uses the new Apple Virtualization Framework released in macOS Monterey to create and run macOS VMs on M1 Macs. Anka is now ready to support the iOS and native macOS applications development teams as they migrate from Intel Mac machines to new, faster, and efficient M1 Macs.

Here are some critical points regarding Anka 3.0.0:

  1. Anka users can set up heterogeneous Anka Build environments consisting of Intel and M1 (ARM) macOS build and test machines. The same Anka Build Cloud Controller and Registry package supports both Intel and M1 macOS VM Templates, Tags, and Nodes.
  2. Anka version 3.0.0 for Apple M1 has partial feature parity compared with our Intel package. We’ve modified the CLI in subtle ways to ensure that the expirience is as you’re used to from Anka 2. Check our documentation for more details on which features are missing:
  3. Build and test performance inside Anka VMs on M1 (ARM) macs is superior to Intel based on feedback from beta users.
  4. Both the host and the Anka VM need to be running at least Monterey.
  5. Metal is supported natively inside Anka VMs running on M1 Macs.
  6. Anka licensing uses performance core count of the M1.

We are incredibly grateful to our beta users who provided valuable feedback. Users can try out Anka 3 for M1 at

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