Getting started with Anka is easy!

Anka Build for CI Infrastructure

  • Use it to virtualize mac hardware cluster and run macOS VMs
  • REST API interface to provision on-demand macOS VMs
  • Registry to store and manage macOS VM templates
  • Instant Start feature to start VMs in less than a sec
  • Jenkins Plug-in to provision macOS VMs directly from Jenkins jobs

Anka Run for

  • Includes all components to create, distribute and run reproducible environments on iOS & macOS developer machines
  • Anka Client to run macOS VMs on developer machines
  • anka run command line interface to work with macOS VMs (similar to docker run)
  • Anka Registry to push and pull(distribute) to developer machines
  • PV network and block driver for host like performance inside Anka macOS VMs