Anka Build Controller Portal – Provides visibility into the health of macOS cloud for CI

In our recently released version 1.2 of Anka Build, we made few changes to the management module (Controller) to enable even easier setup, configuration, and management of macOS cloud for CI. For more details on how to configure macOS cloud for CI, refer to Anka Build macOS cloud on Mac Pro or Anka Build macOS cloud on Mac Minis.

Anka Build Controller and Registry module are packaged in a single download package. These components install as Ubuntu Docker containers and can be either installed on the same machine/instance or on different machines. Refer to this link for more details.

Registry configuration involves defining a volume to store the VM images and pointing to that in the docker-compose.yml.

- `/Users/administrator/Desktop/registryvm:/mnt/vol`

Note – Make sure to not setup the volume in the same directory where the registry/controller containers are running.

Controller configuration involves editing the anka.controller.docker to point to the registry IP address.


Once you have setup controller/registry containers, access the new web-based portal at https://controllerip:8090.

Dashboard View

This view displays a single pane view into the current state of your Anka Build macOS cloud.
You can see the total no of Anka Build nodes(mac machines which have Anka Build installed and are joined to the controller), the total number of macOS VM instances running, total available storage in the registry and available capacity to run additional macOS VM instances.

The template usage pie chart displays all current VM templates that are being used to provision VM instances.

Average resource usage across all active nodes displays the CPU and RAM usage across all nodes for the entire Anka Build macOS cloud.

Dashboard View

Nodes View

This view displays all the mac build/test host machines running Anka Build software package and are joined to the controller.

Node View

Templates View

This view displays all the VM images and their corresponding tags/versions stored in Anka Build Registry.

Through this view, you can also distribute/pre-populate VM template images to all your Anka Build nodes for faster first time provisioning.

Templates View

Distribute to nodes

Instances View

This view displays all running macOS VM instances at any given point in time.

Use Create Instance to manually create macOS VM instances on the cloud. Use this feature for manual troubleshooting.

Instances View

Create Instance

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