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Introducing Anka

Today, Veertu Labs is thrilled to pull back the curtain on three Anka toolsets, our latest endeavors geared towards making macOS and iOS development infrastructure management simple and streamlined. Anka technology is a suite of three products that are built to bring the experience of working with containers to the complex macOS/iOS development process. We […]

Listening, Growing and Adapting

It’s been nine months since we launched Veertu Native, the first version of our native MacOS virtualization platform based on Apple’s Hypervisor.framework. In these nine months, Veertu Native has seen significant adoption, and we are learning a lot from our users. We are also growing as a company. We expanded our development team with excellent […]

Virtualization of macOS Sierra public beta

New versions of operating systems often cause a lot of heartache for Infrastructure technologies that run on top of them. As an example, virtualization products are often tied tightly with the underlying OS and supporting newer versions of that OS is never straight forward. Not at Veertu, though. We started seeing feedback on our twitter […]

Cross browser testing on Mac

In one of my earlier blogs, I discussed how Macs were becoming the workstation of choice for the developers. In this blog, I want to look at how developers, who are working on browser based applications can leverage native virtualization solution like Veertu running on OS X/Mac to execute cross browser testing across different operating […]

Uncovering OS X Hypervisor.Framework – Part 1

We mentioned in our previous blog that we had been working with hypervisors and most recently with Apple Hypervisor.Framework since it’s release last year. We have used Hypervisor.Framework to develop light weight, high performance and highly reliable virtualization for OS X. With the recent attention and focus on this framework, we thought it would be […]

The March towards adoption of OS X Hypervisor.Framework for Native Virtualization capabilities

Today, Docker announced beta availability of Docker for Mac, built on top of xhyve, one of the derivatives of OS X Hypervisor.Framework. This demonstrates two things – OS X recently released Hypervisor.Framework is a better architecture for developing virtualization on top of OS X, as opposed to installing layers of virtualization products. As a quick […]

Developers, their desktop and dev environments in 2016

I recently came across this very interesting survey (http://stackoverflow.com/research/developer-survey-2016) done by stack overflow( a site, I absolutely love for researching) on their developer/programmer community. While the survey has insights on trends on dev languages, technology stack etc., one of the highlighted trend was the increasing adoption of Mac OS X as the desktop OS of choice […]