Cross browser testing on Mac

In one of my earlier blogs, I discussed how Macs were becoming the workstation of choice for the developers. In this blog, I want to look at how developers, who are working on browser based applications can leverage native virtualization solution like Veertu running on OS X/Mac to execute cross browser testing across different operating system versions. Take the example of unit testing your app on different versions of IE supported on different windows versions. While it’s kind of difficult to get multiple versions of windows to build test environments(unless you have MSDN account ), I came across this very interesting resource by Microsoft – Microsoft has packaged IE versions + Windows version as VMs and made them available for testing purposes. If you are running Veertu on your Mac, you will start by downloading VMs in either Virtual box, Fusion or Parallels format. I downloaded Virtualbox VMs of IE8 on Win7, IE10 on Win7 and the new IE MDEdge on Win 10. After unzipping the files, I imported these VM images into Veertu. I was able to start the VMs in Veertu right away without any manual intervention.IE 8 on Win 7 VM on Veertu cross browser testing on Mac  

Cross Browser testing of Web Apps

I am using YouTube web app to demonstrate the cross browser testing on these VMs running in Veertu. One of the advantages of using the Hypervisor.Framework, is that even with all of these 3 VMs running on top of Veertu(I am using Macbook Pro with 8GB RAM), it doesn’t seem like the Mac is resource constrained. The footprint of Veertu itself is extremely small, just 13MB. Linux Windows OS X VMs on Veertu cross browser testing on Mac   Here YouTube app in IE8 on Win 7 VM is reporting an error that it’s no longer supported on this IE version. VM in Veertu on Mac cross browser testing on Mac The App on IE 10 on Win 7 is reporting that the support for this IE version will be deprecating soon. IE 10 on Win 7 Veertu VM old browser version warning cross browser testing on Mac And, here is the new IE version MSEdge(stable version) on windows 10 VM on Mac in Veertu. MSEdge windows 10 VM in Veertu cross browser testing on Mac This is one use case example of the need to run virtualization solution on Mac. Other include running Linux dev environments, malware testing VMs etc. In the upcoming Veertu updates, there will be support to run OS X VMs. This will open up a broad area of iOS build and test on your Mac, with multiple OS X VM capsules running specific Xcode and iOS Simulator versions. Stay tuned.