Veertu is now available through App Store VPP (Volume Purchase Program)

We have published a full priced(USD $39.99) version of Veertu called – ‘Veertu 2016 Business – Native virtualization‘, in the App Store VPP portal. Several of our users communicated to us that they wanted to purchase Veertu, however, they could only do it through their corporate VPP program on the App Store. Since, Mac App store VPP doesn’t yet support in-App purchase, we have published a full priced version of Veertu on the VPP portal. If you have a VPP account with Apple App store, you should be able to login and purchase Veertu through your existing procurement process. The free version with the In-App purchase called – ‘Veertu – Native virtualization’, will continue to be available through the App Store for everyone.